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              Mental exercise is....... important: reading, doing puzzles - challenging your mind. If you work your brain, your brain benefits. You either use it or lose it 

Willian Greenough Ph.D., Neuroscientist, University of Illinois

Lateral Brain 2

Your brain is like a bratty child: It gets into trouble when you don't keep it busy. To stay mentally sharp, you need to work your mental muscles each and every day. Do jigsaw puzzles. These help strengthen the part of the brain that controls spatial relations - the ability to recognize how things piece together.

Robert Friedland, M.D.Case Western University in Cleveland


Do puzzles. People who do jigsaw puzzles show greater spatial ability, which you use when you look at a map 

Neuroscientist Sherry Willis of Pennsylvania State University

Visual pathway


Principal motor domains

Anything that's intellectually challenging can probably serve as a kind of stimulus for dendritic growth, which means that it adds to the computational reserves in your brain.

Arnold Scheibel, head of U.C.L.A's Brain Research Institute

Evidence is accumulating that the brain works a lot like a muscle - the harder you use it, the more it grows. Although scientists had long believed the brain's circuitry  was hard-wired by adolescence and inflexible in adulthood, its newly discovered ability to change and adapt is apparently with us well into old age. Best of all, this research has opened up an exciting world of possibilities for treating strokes and head injuries - and warding off Alzheimer's Disease.

Daniel Golden; Building a Better Brain, LIFE June 1994


Synaptic region

The task is to keep the conscious mind busy with a small, meaningful activity like completing a puzzle while the unconscious is able to perceive - piece together- solutions to life's larger conflicts, both personal and communal.

Through creative reflection and focused first time experiential activity we grow dendrites (neurons) and seed the state of our own future growth, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

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