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New York City Maps


New York City Neighborhoods, Department of Planning

New York Magazine Neighborhood Map

New York City Map of Manhattan for Visitors

Live in New York City Maps

NoHo Historical District

Live Local: Virtual Earth

Morningside Heights and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Worlds Best Maps: Citi Maps

City Map

New York City Maps App.

Five Boroughs: Building Age NYC

How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names


Long Island Maps


Nassau County, Long Island

Western Suffolk, Long Island

Central Suffolk, Long Island

Suffolk County, Long Island

New York State Historical Maps

Long Island Maps and their Makers

Hofstra Genealogy, Long Island Geology

Long Island Unveiled: Early Colonial Maps

The Cartography of Conflict: 1750 - 1783

The Age of Simeon De WittEdmund Marsh Blunt , Others

L. I. Triangulated: 19th Century Maps and Charts of the U.S. Coast Survey

The Cartography of L. I. Commerce

Long Island 20th Century Maps Digitized

Town and Place Long Island Locater

Discover Long Island

Long Island Oddities

Long Island Points of Interest

L.I. Hospitals Service Data

1938 Long Island Express Storm Surge 

Long Island Rail Road (MTA)

LI Online Directory and Guide; Popular Categories             

Long Island Lighthouses

Long Island Museum

Sierra Club Long Island Group Global Warming

L. I. Historical and Genealogical Research Resource             

N.Y.S. GIS Clearing House         

Maps of Places in Long Island Pine Barrens Areas

North Shore Heritage Map Pine Barrens

Hiking Long Island

Long Island Ferry Services

L. I. Power Authority Storm Center


Free Stuff


Free Educational Software

Free South America Map Puzzle

Free Educational Software

Free US Map Puzzle

Free Map Jigsaw Puzzle Software

Free Blank Outline Maps of Countries and Continents of the World

Free Line Map of NYC Community Districts

Manhattan (New York County) Community Districts and Neighborhoods

Brooklyn (Kings County) Community Districts and Neighborhoods

Queens County Community Districts and Neighborhoods

The Bronx and Richmond (Staten Island) Counties and Neighborhoods

Free Line Map of the 62 Counties and 11 Regions of New York State

Free Line Map of 13 Towns of Long Island's Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Free Line Map Showing the Territorial Expansion of the United States

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Oyster Bay, Long Island

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Huntington, Long Island

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Babylon, Long Island

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Islip, Long Island

Free Line Map of Hamlets and Villages of the Town of Southampton, Long Island

Free Safety Maps


Geographic Information Systems


Balfour Technologies

GIS Day 2013


Environmental Services Research Institute


Teaching with GIS (K-12) ESRI

Training and Education

Mapping for Everyone


Geographic Information Systems Mapping Operations




Land Surveys and Aerial Photographs


Earth Attributes - a Long Island based company providing Aerial Photography, Land Surveys, Digital Photogrammetric Mapping, Commercial Photography, Geographic Information Systems.

Connecticut Surveying - Contact Godfrey-Hofmann Associates for various Connecticut surveying services, including property, boundary, and topographical surveys, commercial and residential projects, and wetlands and utility mapping.

ALTA /ACSM Point to Point Land Surveyors    

Calvada Surveying, Inc. is a leading land surveyor providing professional land surveying services, including ALTA Survey, ACSM Surveys and 3D High Definition Land Surveying (High Definition Laser Scanning) services throughout Western US.

Arthur H. Howland & Associates, P.C. - Offering civil engineering, land planning,

land surveying, & environmental services to a variety of markets throughout CT.  We work with local, state, and federal land use agencies to deliver land use permits in an efficient and timely manner.


Long Island Geographic Information Systems




Maps / Geography 


Research on Making Maps Easy to Read

Social Studies for Kids: Modern Maps   

North East Map Organization (NEMO) Atlas

My Facts Page Atlas and Maps

Map of the Former Yugoslavia   

Geography and Everyday Life

Growth of a Nation

Guide to Maps and Mapping



The Geography Guide


Test Your Geography Knowledge

Test Your Geography Genius

Testing Your Geography Skills

World Geography Games

Geography Answers


Places in the News


News Quiz

Miniature Earth

Old Maps of New York, New England, Connecticut


Map-Puzzles That Teach


Continents Map Puzzle

Canada Map Puzzle                                              

Central America Map Puzzle

Europe Map Puzzle

Australia and South East Asia Map Puzzle

Asia Map Puzzle

Africa Map Puzzle

A Broader View: USA and Continent Puzzles


On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles


Lesson Tutor On Line Puzzles


Resource Room


Lighthouse Inn: Everything Related to Lighthouses

Lesson Planet: Teacher Lesson Plans

School District of Washington Curriculum Objectives

MapStats For Kids: FedStats Geography Standards for Farmland

State Symbols

Local or Global Guide to Map Skills for Kids

United Nations Cartographic Section

A Guide to Map Systems and Cartography


Cooperative Learning: Cooperation, Collaboration,

Communication, Broken-Squares, Team Building


C Squares Team Building

Jigsaw Learning



About Emotional Intelligence (EQ)                            


Emotional Intelligence

Our Triune Brain

Memory, Learning and Emotion

The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning


Mind Maps and Illusions


Mental Maps

Brain Connection

Brain Teasers

Maps and Illusions

87 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena

A Matter of Perspective

Up-Side-Down Map of the World

NLP Communication Magic: Exploring the Meaning and Structure of Language


National Geographic


Free Outline Map of the United States of America

Expedition Hall

National Geographic Magazine

Map Links

Map Machine Powered by E.S.R.I.

US Geography Standards

The Jason Project


E-Puzzle Makers


Jig zone   

Puzzle Factory      

Big Jig  

Jig zone Gallery         


More Fun and Games


States Web Games

Puzzled States

The Fifty States

US Regional Map/Quiz Printouts and Answers

World Geography

Map Tests and Outline Maps

NASA: Cool stuff to know about Earth, Space and Technology

Puzzling Histories

Fun in the Sun; Sticker Book Flash Game

Jigsaw Puzzles, Floor Puzzles, Bible Puzzles and Jigsaw Books.  





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