Make Geography a Family Activity


If members of your family travel or if relatives live in distant places, have your children look up the places to be visited or where the relatives live and get information about them.


If your family takes vacation trips, obtain a road map or highway atlas and have your children help plan the trip. If it is convenient, let your child choose the vacation destination or select among the possible routes. Ask your children to figure out how far you should travel each day, where the best stopping places would be, what points of interest might be found along the way (and some background about them). Will you pass across a time zone boundary on the trip? How will the time change and why?


If you are going to a special place such as a zoo, museum, or amusement park, let your children plan the route there on a street or road map.


Play geographical games. Many "geographical" board games are available for children and families. If you are so inclined, playing these games with your children may help them to learn isolated facts and locations. However, commercial games are not necessary for learning geography. Spending fifteen minutes or a half an hour a day or every other day asking questions from an atlas or wall map or taking turns with the children asking questions of the adult will probably be more effective in the long run as a learning strategy. For younger children, map puzzles of the United States are a good tool for beginning to learn the shapes and relative positions of the states.












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