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Introducing Long Island Schools to Mapzzles

         Geography: A National Embarrassment 

                Making Geography a Family Activity

Using puzzles as ETA's

Life is Like a Puzzle

What Teachers Are Saying.

    Visit here before 'piecing' Long Island together.    

    How well do you know Long Island? (Answers)

                                    'Wreck Valley'     

Long Island Ship Wrecks

          The Hidden World Along the South Shore   

Maritime Treasures   

Long Island Lighthouse Locations

Long Island Ferry Services

When the Big Hurricane Hits








On The Sound

Piecing together the Puzzle of the Sound's Formation

Currents That Still Puzzle Ocean Scientists

How A Model of the Sound Was Constructed

Looking East From Whitestone To Falkner Island

Bridgeport to Westbrook

Shoal At Six Mile Reef and Plum Gut

Fishers Island To Montauk

  See Where Captain Kidd Came Ashore on L. I.























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