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  Multiple Choice ( Print: Then circle the best answer )


 1. Long Island ferries connect all but one   (a) States (b) Islands (c) Countries (d) Towns

 2. Town originally settled by the English    (a) Southold (b) Islip (c) Oyster Bay (d) Babylon

 3. New Netherland included a place called (a) Shelter Island (b) Breukelen (c) East Hampton (d) Queens

 4. Which one is a city on Long Island        (a) Long Island City (b) City Island (c) Garden City (d) Glen Cove

             5. Town in which I live and attend school    (a) Smithtown (b) Islip (c) Brookhaven (d) other



                                True or False (Write T or F where they apply)



                All those located on the Long Island Sound


                Babylon                       _________


                Smithtown                    _________


                Islip                             _________


                Riverhead                     _________


                Montauk Lighthouse      _________


                The Atlantic Ocean borders each of these Towns  


                Huntington                   _________


                Hempstead                  _________


                Southampton               _________


                North Hempstead         _________


                Fire Island                   _________



                               Completion Questions  ( Provide correct number or answer for each )     



                    1.      Number of Light Houses on Fire Island                                                           __________


                    2.      Number of Native American communities on L. I.                                             __________

                                            3.      Number of tribes on L. I. descended from the Unkechaug Indian Nation             _________

                                            4.      Number of oceans touching Long Island                                                          __________

                                            5.      Number of Towns reaching from Ocean to the Sound                                        __________

                                            6.      Number of Cities on Long Island                                                                     __________


                    7.      Number of Towns in Nassau                                                                           __________


                    8.      Number of States visible from the North Shore of Long Island                            __________


                    9.      Number of Counties on Long Island                                                                 __________


                   10.     Total number of Towns in Nassau and Suffolk Counties                                    __________


                   11.     A revolutionary Battle for Long Island took place in this County in August of 1776__________


                   12.     An island thatís part of the Town of Southold                                                    __________

                         13.     Name the island on Long Island that is a Town                                                  _________

                         14.     The coast of Long Island renowned for itsí beautiful sandy beaches                      _________      

                         15.     Rhode Island is reachable by boat from New York on this body of water                ________

                         16.     The city on Long Island closest to California                                                       _________

                         17.     A Long Island Town thatís closest to Connecticut                                               _________

                         18.    Our first President dedicated a lighthouse in this Town in 1796                            ________

 19.     The smallest Town in terms of its land area on Long Island                                 ________

                   20.     Largest Town in square miles on Long Island                                                     ________


                   21.     The sun rises first in New York State on this Long Island Town                            ________


                   22.     A busy Long Island Airport is owned by and located in this Town                         ________ 


                   23.     New York City shares its border with this suburban Long Island County                _________


                   24.     Long Beach is a small city on Long Island thatís close to this major American city_________


                   25.     The largest off-shore island in the U.S. (approximately 20 mi. wide x 120 mi. long) _________  


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