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             LESSON PLAN                                              

                                       HOME TOWN PRIDE EDITION                                                  BUILDING A FUTURE ON LONG ISLAND - One Piece at a Time

GOAL:   To Build four Counties, thirteen Towns of Long Island by means of hands-on collaboration with young people working cooperatively and making a difference.

Mapzzles are map puzzles comprised of local places and regional spaces where interactive exchange between individuals and resources result in many different kinds of positive outcomes. These are some of the possibilities:

1. Modeling successful cooperation

2. Acquiring useful team building skills

3. Facilitating sharing and risk taking behavior

4. Providing emotional distance from personal issues

5. Addressing issues of scarcity re/perceptions of insufficiency

6. Building self confidence by means of self motivated discovery

7. Achieve enhanced performance through collaborative time on task

8. Identifying practical limits while also exploring municipal boundaries

9. Gaining essential familiarity with local and regional geographic areas

10. Demonstrating mind mapping methods of negotiation and conflict resolution

Seven Step Process

             1. Display a picture of the completed GOAL. (Optional)

             2.  Assign GOAL. (Step 1 and 3 may be reversed).

             3. Distribute all 108 pieces among the participants

             4. Designate a clear flat work surface area larger than 18"x 24" and provide easy

                 access access from all sides

             5. Three Rules: optional

                           1. No talking or signaling to others

                           2. No hitting, pushing or taking pieces from others

                           3. Give when the piece/s you have fit the need

            6.  Encourage following the Rules. Signal to begin.

            7. Time activity or set realistic time limits (20 min) Optional

Process Comments / Observation Questions: Follow-Up (20 minutes)       

   1. Who initiated the activity?

   2.  Who were the leaders?

   3.  How were limits of 'the problem' defined?

   4.  Who provided 'the last piece'?

   5.  Did the border and corner pieces appear right away or later?

   6. Was the task completed inside out or outside in?

   7. Was the 'Legend' finished before geographic areas were finished?

   8. Was anyone unable to contribute?

   9. Did you observe any conflicts resolved? Which ones? How?

 10. What was the pattern of cooperation you observed?

 11. How could the whole process be improved upon the next time?

 12. What other lessons might be learned from this activity?

 Ten Other Ways

 1. Assemble corners, top down or bottom up using edge pieces first.

 2. Start with a color focus and assemble outward in all directions.

 3. Give more pieces to some people and less to others.

 4. Complete the big picture within or without time limits.

 5. Ask "right handers" to use only their left hands and vice versa.

 6. Have everyone cover one eye - and allow no peeking.

 7. Invite half the class to volunteer to be blindfolded for the activity

 8. Invite teams of 3 to select their pieces before beginning the activity

 9. Assemble one County, Town or geographic region at a time

10. Complete GOAL with the picture side face down (without a vision).

The Power of a MAP Metaphor   (Means of Aerial Perspective)

Metaphors are methods of perception that help us see the world in different ways. More than one definition exists for most nouns. Maps are puzzles. Maps are games. Map puzzles challenge people whether or not the GOAL is expressed or defined. A map puzzle is an educational manipulative heightening awareness of spatial relationships. The are icebreakers and team builders and more than the sum of their parts.

Invite your members to share their thoughts as they were putting Long Island together. Think of your class as a jigsaw metaphor and each piece (student) importance as part and parcel in the completion of your Big Picture. Each piece may be different but each one has a specific space to fill. The class and Big Picture remains unfinished till each student makes their contribution of those pieces of themselves they wish to share in order to build the project, literally, at hand.

Nothing's missing and nothing's extra. We have all that we need to succeed - in the present. Success is what happens when people work together toward achieving a common GOAL.



















































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