Lack of Geographical Knowledge Can Effect      the Future of Our Country

How can citizens evaluate US foreign policy options if they know nothing about the countries involved?

Geography is included among core subjects in the Federal Goals 2000 Legislation to improve US education. As a result of this initiative and others, National Geography Standards have been developed and are being distributed around the country. These geography standards are benchmarks against which the content of geography courses can be measured. The will affect the education of all children in the United States.

How can we assess the merits of the North American Free Trade Agreement if we are unfamiliar with current US trade patterns with Canada and Mexico?

How do we know if US troops should be sent places such as Bosnia-Herzegovina or Haiti if we are ignorant of the land and people with whom they must deal?

How can we develop opinions on such matters as conserving the Pacific Northwest, limiting development of Mississippi River flood plains, or spending billions of dollars to clean up toxic waste dumps if we lack the basic knowledge of geography that is required to understand the issues that are involved?

Concern over the lack of geographical knowledge in the United States has been expressed by local, state and national governments.













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